Fixed Monthly Funeral Plans Newport

Fixed Monthly Payment Funeral Plans South Wales

Are you looking for Fixed monthly funeral plans in Newport? One of our most popular plans at Your Local Funeral Plan is the fixed monthly funeral plans. We have three plans that can be tailored to perfectly fit in with your plans and wishes. We can show you how having a pre-paid funeral plan like this can save you and your loved ones a lot of stress.

Is This Option For Everyone

There are requirements for this kind of plan, so no this plan isn’t for everyone. This plan requires that you be between the ages of 50 -80 years and payments will need to be made until death or the age of 90, whichever comes first. Although this sounds a lot, once you have made payments for two years, you will be covered, and the plan can be actioned from the time of death. With this kind of plan there is also no need for a deposit.

Funeral Plans and Deposits

There are three ways you can pick from when planning your funeral. These are the Independent Simple Way, Independent Traditional Way, and the Independent Exclusive Way. Each covers the core items required for a funeral and each plan covers a standard to suit your budget. Our fixed monthly payment funeral plans are provided by Golden Charter, who are leaders in their field.

Can I Make Changes to my Funeral Plan

You will not be able to change the plan once it has been agreed but at the time of death, your relatives and loved ones will be able to add to the plan should they wish. Out team will take your through each stage of planning, so that any changes are unlikely.

Further Details and Information

For further details and more information, contact Your Local Funeral Plan today. Our knowledgeable team are able to provide all the information you need and answer any questions you may have. They can also explain why a fixed monthly payment funeral plan is the ideal match for you.


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