Affordable Funeral Plans Newport

Funeral Plans Newport South Wales

When you decide to take out a pre-paid funeral plan, the first thing people tend to think about is can you find affordable funeral plans in Newport? Here at Your Local Funeral Plan, we offer a range of pre-paid funeral plans to suit your budget and requirements. Our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in providing the best funeral plans and arrangements for our customers. Find out a little more about why we are one of the best in our industry.

Tailor Made Funeral Plans

Each pre-paid funeral plan has flexibility in how its arranged to give a more tailor-made funeral plan. Each plan includes a combination of certain key arrangements. This ranges from transport to the cost of funeral directors. Each choice would be made in advance and mean that everything will be in place. There are three main ways of paying for funeral plans this includes: –

  • Full payment in advance in one lump sum
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Low cost instalment option

These payment options give you a great choice to suit your requirements and budget.

Fixed Monthly Plan Payments

An example of one of the payment options is Fixed monthly plan payments for funeral plans. As long as you are aged between 50-80 years old, then you are able to take out this plan. This plan means you are covered after two years of payments and you will be required to make payments up until the time of death or up until 90 years old, whichever comes first. This allows for a low payment that will not change whilst payments are being made towards the plan and there are also three plans to choose from, so you can find the ideal one for you.

Information on Funeral Plan Costs

For more information on funeral plan costs with Your Local Funeral Plan, contact our team today and discover why we make the difference. As we have said, we provide a wide range of funeral plans, with the ideal one to suit you. Contact Your Local Funeral Plan on 01443 830 328.


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