Pre-Paid Funeral Plans South Wales

Our wide range of funeral plans in South Wales offers the opportunity to ensure your funeral is paid for and covered in advance. The funeral plans we offer help you to spread the cost of your service over a period of time with a fixed payment you won’t be subjected to the ever-inflating costs of funeral services. This will give you peace of mind that your family and loved ones won’t have the financial burden when the time comes.

In partnership with Golden Charter, all of our pre-paid funeral plans are supported by one of the most renowned and trusted providers in the UK. This means every pre-paid funeral plan taken out with us, guarantees our services

Our compassionate team of funeral directors will assist with any queries you may have throughout the planning process. Once you have agreed on the arrangements and your wishes, you can rest assured that everything will be taken care of.

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Is A Pre-paid Funeral Plan A Good Idea?

A pre-paid funeral plan provides security and peace of mind that your funeral will be paid for. They allow you to lock in the price of your funeral the day of taking your plan out so you aren’t subject to the rising costs of inflation. Taking out a funeral plan with us means that you can decide on the finer details of your service so your loved ones and family members don’t have to.

With various payment options available, you can tailor your service to suit your preferences and budget. With full payment options, fixed monthly payment plans and low-cost monthly payment plans available, there is a plan to suit every budget. Our team of experienced funeral directors and advisors can talk you through all of the options available and assist you with making the arrangements.

What Is Covered In My Plan?

Your plan is tailor made to your specific requirements. That means that you decide what you want. In general, our plans cover all or a combination of the following:

  • Covers the cost of the Funeral Director’s services and fees
  • Costs of burial or cremation (excludes burial plot fees)
  • Transportation of body to funeral home
  • Care of the body
  • Choice of coffin including eco, veneered or solid wood
  • Hearse
  • Funeral cars
  • Use of Funeral Directors facilities including chapel of rest, rest rooms and service rooms
  • Family viewings
  • List of floral tributes
  • Order of service sheets
  • Allowance for third party costs

Do I have to pay in full when I sign up?

No. With us you can choose the best payment plan to suit your needs and budget. We offer a choice including:

  • Full payment in advance in one lump sum
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Low cost instalment option
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Golden Charter Funeral Plans

When you invest in a Golden Charter funeral plan, you get peace of mind knowing that the burden of paying for your funeral is not passed to your family members in a time of grief. Ensuring the services of Stanley J Nicholas ltd. means that when the unfortunate time comes, everything will already be planned and paid for. Our funeral directors will make all the preparations planned giving your family much less to plan and organise in a time of mourning.

Our plans can be customised and designed to your specifications at an extra cost so you can plan anything from a simple, compassionate service to a no expense spared ceremony. We assist you with all of the pre planned preparations so the bulk of the planning is complete prior.

Our very caring funeral directors in South Wales will start preparations and work closely with your family to ensure that your wishes are met. When you choose to take out a Golden Charter Funeral Plan with us, it can be customised to include any of the different factors mentioned above. Contact us for more advice and information on our Golden Charter Funeral Plans in South Wales.

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Full Payment In Advance Funeral Plans

Plan your funeral and rest assured that all of the necessary arrangements have been made and that the plan has been paid in full. Our full-payment funeral plans allow you to lock in the price of your funeral at today’s prices, potentially saving you money. Perfect Choice Funeral Plans manages all of our lump sum payment funeral plans, which include the personalised services of a local and trusted funeral director.

When you pay in full, you can rest easy knowing that your funeral has been planned and paid for in advance. You won’t have to worry about missing a payment or not making enough payments before you pass away to ensure that your plan is honoured.

Fixed Monthly Payment Funeral Plans

Our funeral plans with fixed monthly payments make paying for your funeral simple. This payment plan provides a slew of advantages in exchange for a low monthly payment. These plans guarantee the dedicated services of a reputable funeral director in South Wales.

With 3 main Golden Charter options available, each offering varied services that we tailor to your needs and requirements:

Low-Cost Installment Funeral Plans

Similar to our Fixed Monthly Payment Plans, our low-cost funeral plans in South Wales make spreading the cost of your funeral easy and affordable. All our plans secure the bespoke services of a locally trusted, well established and respected funeral director but at a lower monthly cost.

Ensuring you can meet repayments on your pre-paid funeral plan is essential. That is why we offer a low-cost instalment plan. This plan is spread over a longer term, meaning the monthly instalment stays low.

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Contact Us For More Information On Pre-Paid Funeral Plans Cardiff

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our pre-paid funeral plans. We are a locally owned and operated independent funeral home with a no-nonsense, no-pressure philosophy. Contact us on 01443 830328 or to set up a free, no-obligation consultation.

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