How Old Do You Need To Be For A Pre-Paid Funeral Plan

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Knowing how old do you need to be for a pre-paid funeral plan may surprise you! As a forward thinking plan, a pre-paid funeral plan is great for conveying your wishes and how you want your funeral to be. So, do you know how old you need to be for a funeral plan?

Is Age Important For A Funeral Plan

When taking out a pre-paid funeral plan you need to be at least 18. Now, an 18-year-old will never want to think that the worst could happen, but it is become more common to take out a funeral plan earlier in our lives. Pre-paid funeral plans lock in todays prices and mean there will be no surprise expenses in the future.

I’m Over 50

If you are over 50 there is still a pre-paid funeral plan for you. Many providers have a choice of payment options such as flexible payments and fixed monthly payments. One lump sum is also an option should you wish. Contact a provider, like us here at Your Local Funeral Plan, we will be able to discuss your needs and what is the best plan & funeral plan payment options for you.

How Long Will A Pre-Paid Funeral Plan Last

A pre-paid funeral plan will last until it is needed. The cost will be fixed and once the final payment has been paid there is no extra expenses to be paid when the funeral is needed. Not everything is included in some funeral plans, so discuss this with your provider or funeral director and they will inform you on which expenses to put money aside for.

Your Local Funeral Plan South Wales

Your Local Funeral Plan specialise in providing funeral plans in South Wales that secure the services of a reputable local Funeral Director. We provide a respectful service for all our customers, contact us and we will be able to discuss your requirements and answer any questions you may have.


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