How To Save Money On Funerals

How To Save Money On Funerals

No one likes to think about having to plan a funeral, but it is something that comes to all of us at some point. One major issue is finance, how do you pay for the funeral? And what happens if you think you can’t afford the send-off, they deserve. Below are some tips on how to save money on funerals.

Cremation or Burial

The choice between cremation or burial is more about personal preference or belief. There is of course a financial implication, on average a burial will cost £1000 more than the average cremation. Cremation itself has become the common choice over recent years.

Have You Thought Of A Woodland Burial

The cost of a cemetery plot can be extremely high in some areas of the country, this is where a woodland burial may be a more cheaper option. By doing your research in your local area, you will be able to find a woodland burial site that is more cost effective.

The Date & Time Of The Funeral

The date & time of the funeral can affect the cost. Most will arrange them for the afternoon but having a morning or early evening funeral may be able to save you some money and be a great help.

How Much Does A Coffin Cost

Coffin costs vary depending on the material used. Traditionally wood, this does have a higher price tag than others. Why not think about cardboard, wicker, bamboo and a long list of other options, by doing some research you will be able to make a more informed choice on cost.

Carrying The Coffin

Paying for pallbearers to carry the coffin can be an extra expense that few thinks about. Why not ask family members to be the pallbearers and help to save an extra cost.

Wake’s and Receptions

A wake or reception is held after the funeral and can be as a good way to end the day. Why not have the wake at a family members home or have a small gathering to reduce on costs. If your choosing a morning funeral, may be a light buffet brunch and this will be able to limit any drinks cost that may arise.

Compare Funeral Costs

With many funeral directors to choose from. Instead of choosing the first one you find, ask about funeral costs and make a more informed choice.

What Is A Funeral Prepaid Funeral Plan Caerphilly

Simply, a prepaid funeral plan is when a person pays for and arranges their funeral in advance. This can be a great relief to loved ones as they know that everything is in place financially and that the persons wishes would have been fulfilled.

Pre-Paid Funeral Plans Caerphilly

Our range of pre-paid funeral plans in Caerphilly and surrounding areas, offer you the opportunity to plan in advance. Our experienced team can talk you through the planning process and once all arrangements are agreed, you will have peace of mind in the knowledge that everything is taken care of.


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