What Is A Funeral Plan

What Are Funeral Plans

It’s probably something you don’t think about day to day – your funeral – who would! But there is one thing you should be thinking about sooner rather than later, and that is how you will pay for your funeral and the costs. Did you know the average funeral now costs around £4,000 these days?

Is this a lump sum your family could afford to pay at the drop of a hat? Funeral plans provide a way to pay for your funeral now, so it is all taken care of when the time comes.

What Makes A Good Funeral Plan

So, what is a funeral plan? A funeral plan lets you pay for your funeral upfront – it’s that simple. Think of it as a pre-paid funeral. This has two key advantages for your relatives and close family. The first is that they do not have to pay for it themselves as it’s all covered. Bear in mind that even the simplest funerals can be surprisingly expensive – more than many people could afford to pay without saving up for it.

Of course, your family can pay for your funeral using money from your estate and will – if you have one that is. The good news is that this cost would not be subject to inheritance tax. On the other hand, paying for the cost of a funeral from your estate could mean you would be leaving your relatives less money than you had hoped to.

Are Funeral Plans Worth Having

Funeral plans are a good and considerate idea for several important reasons. First is obviously financial. As mentioned earlier and we will talk about more below, funerals can be very expensive “events”, even if you are trying to keep the costs down.

The second reason is because it gives you more of a say in your funeral plans and the day itself. When you take out a funeral plan you take the decisions about the sort of funeral you would like away from just guess work by your family. It is your opportunity to consider things like flowers, music and the coffin. These are all things that will make your funeral more personal to you and more meaningful for your family.

The third reason is because it will relieve your relatives of a lot of stress at what is already a difficult and painful time for all concerned. A funeral plan means you have already taken care of the costs as well as a lot of the planning.

It will save them having to make lots of decisions about funeral arrangements that they do not really have the energy to think about. By doing this you will be minimising the distress for your family, allowing them to say goodbye without worry and financial burden when the time comes.

The Best Funeral Plans South Wales

We offer a range of Golden Charter funeral plans that guarantee the services of Stanley J Nicholas Ltd. The plans featured below can be customised to your needs at an extra cost, if required. From low cost funeral plans, through to no expense spared, we will work with you so that your wishes are fulfilled.


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