Why Have A Pre-Paid Funeral Plan South Wales

Pre Paid Funeral Planning

Thinking about planning your own funeral is not the first thing on anyone’s list but having a pre-paid plan in place means you have control of your service and no one is left with a bill. Take a look below and find the right funeral plan for you.

Funeral Arrangements In South Wales

By being prepared you can get the service & peace of mind for your loved ones with a pre-paid plan.

Although many funeral plans vary, they will include the basic arrangements of a good service such as:

  • Collection & care of the deceased
  • The coffin
  • Funeral procession
  • Hearse to the local cemetery/crematorium
  • The service at the local cemetery/crematorium
  • Funeral Directors will have a 24hr support line

Cremation or Burial

Making the choice of whether you would like to be buried or cremated is a personal choice. Burial plots are rarely included in policies, so, these will need to be paid for separately along with any gravestones you should wish. Setting money aside for this may be an option should you wish in the future.

Protected From Rising Costs

With pre-paid funeral plans the price will be guaranteed at today’s cost of a funeral, which means you & your loved ones will not have to worry about any hidden extras cost.

Choose The Right Funeral Plan For You

Funeral Plans vary from provider to provider but finding the right pre-paid plan need not be difficult or have any hidden cost.
Our plans allow you to find the right funeral plan and at a budget that suits you. There are three ways of starting the best plan for you.

  • Full Payment in Advance Plans
  • Fixed Monthly Payment Plans
  • Low-Cost Instalment Plans

Pre-Paid Funeral Plans South Wales

Our experienced team can talk you through the planning process and once all arrangements are agreed, you will have peace of mind in the knowledge that everything is taken care of.


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