Which Funeral Plan To Choose Caerphilly

Which Funeral Plan To Choose Caerphilly

Which funeral plan do you choose in Caerphilly. Protecting you from the rising costs of funerals and giving your loved one the peace of mind that everything has been taken care of, a prepaid funeral plan is a smart choice. Now you have the choice of what funeral plan to pick.

Always Do Your Research

Researching any funeral plan is important. Try & find the best plan to suit your circumstances and the one you feel most comfortable with. Also check out the funeral director recommended by you plan provider to ensure you are also comfortable they will provide the service you wish.

What Is Covered By My Plan

When looking at funeral plans always check what is included. This is so you can be able to put any monies aside for extras should you need too. Most plans cover the same core inclusions but do always do your research when taking out any funeral plan.

Here at Your Local Funeral Plan our prepaid funeral plans cover the below: –
• Covers the cost of the Funeral Director’s services and fees
• Costs of burial or cremation (excludes burial plot fees)
• Transportation of body to funeral home
• Care of the body
• Choice of coffin including eco, veneered or solid wood
• Hearse
• Funeral cars
• Use of Funeral Directors facilities including chapel of rest, rest rooms and service rooms
• Family viewings
• List of floral tributes
• Order of service sheets
• Allowance for third party costs

How Can I Pay For My Prepaid Funeral Plan

There is a choice of payment options across prepaid funeral plans. You will have a choice of either making a full payment in one lump sum, fixed monthly payments or low-cost instalments. Each gives you the option to pay in the best way to suit your circumstances.

Pre-Paid Funeral Plans Caerphilly

Our range of pre-paid funeral plans in Caerphilly and across South Wales, offer you the opportunity to plan. Our experienced team can talk you through the planning process and once all arrangements are agreed, you will have peace of mind in the knowledge that everything is taken care of.


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